Look What I Can Do

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Look What I Can DO

Derrick Wright

You might hear a group of kids in school, on the playground, or at the pool. It does not matter, and it is universal. You will inevitably hear someone say the phrase, “Oh yeah, well…look what I can do”… This precedes a trick or stunt that is intended to “beat” the last kid who said it. It is something that was more challenging, more difficult, more amazing, or just cooler. It’s all about a game of one-upmanship. The winner gets an approving “Dang! Seriously?” We have all participated in those groups and absolutely reveled in it when we were the winner (or got jealous of the kid who was).As adults, we can be a little more sophisticated with “look what I can do” around the water cooler, in a staff meeting, or in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors. Each of us has done some great things, and had accomplishments big and small, and we should absolutely celebrate them, don’t get me wrong. Lately, I have been thinking of an alternate perspective, however.

I think that as we grow up and gain more wisdom, “look what I can do” begins to become replaced with “look what HE can do,” or “look what SHE can do”. We can shift from looking inside and start looking outside. The point here is that once we graduate from trying to impress others, and instead notice and acknowledge the many ways that other people impress US, we have our victory.

Half Full

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Half Full

I was recently on the bus, and a young family got on at the bus stop. It was a man, a woman and a baby. They were on their way to a doctor’s appointment. I overheard the woman talking to someone at the doctor’s office, and she was explaining how they had to take three different buses to get there, and it would take them about an hour-and-a-half. I felt bad for them, because I realized that it would be a very difficult journey for them. I thanked God that I was not in their shoes.

I say it all the time, but how often do I REALLY recognize how fortunate I am, regardless of my circumstances? I do not see well, but I can see. I cannot feel the right side of my body, but I can feel some of it. I cannot hear everything, but I can still hear some. I cannot understand a lot of what happens around me, but I can understand very simple things. Even though it is not what I used to do, I have a job… I have a loving and supportive family. I have wonderful friends. Yeah, I am blessed.

So here’s my point. Is my glass half full or half empty? It would be very easy for me to feel sorry for myself, and think that my glass is half empty, but I have decided not to. There is always someone who has more troubles than me, and for that I am eternally grateful. The family getting on the bus to take their baby to the doctor’s office may not feel that their situation is bad because they have a different perspective. That is their life, and they understand and accept it. They may be thankful for the fact that they have a good doctor, that they have a beautiful baby, and that there is a good transportation system available to them… At the same time, they may feel sorry for the guy with the eye patch on the bus. Their glass may be half-full just like mine is. Victory.