LZM Studio

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Laurie Zimmerman Mann

1402 West North Loop Blvd.
Austin, TX 78756

LZM Studio is owned and operated by Laurie Zimmerman Mann.

“I moved to Austin, TX during the summer of 2004. For the first time in years, I found myself without a teaching position at a college or university. After blinking, looking around, catching my breath and, coincidentally, not landing any spectacular jobs outside of academia, I started volunteering as a docent at the Austin Museum of Art. Leading tours at the museum was fun and invigorating, so eventually I decided I might as well get paid by the museum. I started teaching classes at the museum’s Art School, at Laguna Gloria in 2006. My students there were enthusiastic, and reminded me of all the fun I have guiding interesting people to be visually skilled and creative. Meanwhile, I was still working some non-art related jobs to make some dough. At work one day, a Mom who was new to town asked me if I knew where her 7 year old son could take drawing lessons. I said “From ME!”. Having taught private lessons to kids a few years back while living in rural Tennessee, I knew how rewarding it could be. I started working with Henry right away , and then with his sister Catherine, (thanks Amy!), and the rest is history.

I started teaching private art lessons full time the summer of 2007. After doing some research while working with that very first student in Austin, I realized that while there are plenty of small studios teaching art classes for kids and adults, I couldn’t find many ways in which students could hire someone for private lessons. I also realized that offering the service of driving to each student’s home really helped my clients with multiple kids and hectic professional lives. In the summer of 2010, I purchased, moved to my home and renovated a vintage camper that served as my (tiny) art studio. The little camper was my studio until March of 2012, when I moved into a bigger studio space in a bungalow house that has been converted to an office. My studio is now near Burnet Rd. and N. Loop, and I can fit 4 students at once for small group classes. Adults have a waiting room with wifi to relax in when they drop off their kiddos. My students and I are happily creating away in front of large windows that let in plenty of light in the new space! I no longer drive to students homes, because I find that I can consolidate my lessons at my own studio and still have time to run the back end of my business when I’m not spending 5 hours a day in the car.

It has been eight years since the start of my small business, and I LOVE what I do. Every day, I work with interesting, smart, sweet people from all walks of life, all ages and all experience levels in drawing. I get to teach people the beautiful meditation of creating… how to slow down and really SEE things… how to really be present to the things around them, so much so that they can represent those things visually, with their own personal interpretation.

I work with people to make the world more beautiful. How lucky I am….”


Cost: $60 per lesson plus supplies for private instruction